>I was so excited that I hiked up Diamond Head that I completely forgot to mention the flying machine that Husband booked us to ride on Friday. This is the machine and the husband-wife team who took us up (picture from their website, Paradise Air Hawaii):

Seriously, if that is not something drawn up by Leonardo da Vinci in this Codex book thing, I don't know what is. It was raining a bit, and the air was sort of choppy, so I felt a little green around the gills. Had I barfed in my helmet, I suspected the air flow would have pushed it into my eyes, so I concentrated very hard on not puking, which made my ride a bit less fun. Husband LOVED it, though, which makes me happy. I feel like my injury has ruined the trip a bit (which he denies), so I am very glad that he really enjoyed this activity. Our pilots (Denise and Tom) are aerial stunt people and generally super friendly and awesome, so I recommend checking them out if you go to O'ahu and want to go in a flying machine. Denise offered to let me steer for a while, but I'm not even that keen on driving a car and I was trying not to vomit into my own face, so I politely declined. Husband took the reigns on his flying machine and thought the experience was utterly fantastic.