>Although I am a mouthy bitch, I have a strange fear about losing friends if I don't comply with their requests. I'm not talking about requests to do anything illegal - say, like do drugs (nope, I don't hang out with people who try to pressure me into dope!) - but little things like fill out a meme on random things about me. So here goes, but I'm not tagging anyone at the end.

1. I had two brilliant ideas this week. Seriously, that is amazing!

2. My first brilliant idea was to get a koala tattoo on my cooter, thus creating a natural bush-y environment for the little critter to hide. I really like saying, "Koala in the bush!"

3. Brilliant idea numero dos is to edit an anthology of essays about getting your period. I think this will make for excellent reading, and it is very important to me to find a wide range of experiences: people who are young; people who are not so young; people who got their period when they were young (before age 12 or 13); people who got their period when they were older (after age 15); people who were poor; people who are not hetero; people who are not white; people of different religions; people with non-traditional family structures; etc. I'm working with Alex Elliot to set up a website to officially collect submissions, and I'm also crafting a proposal for publishers. That is how motherfucking serious I am about this. It's my next book project.

4. My first book project resulted, three years after conception (sort of like an elephant gestating, but longer and with more typos) in Off the Beaten (Subway) Track. It's a travelogue/guidebook to wacky and unusual things in New York City. When it comes out this summer, hopefully without typos, I am going to have a book party. All my blog readers are invited.*

5. I thought my second book would be Medical History Museums of the United States and the World because I love medical history museums and saying the title (and making a sweeping hand gesture) makes me laugh almost as much as saying, "Koala in the bush!" Many people felt that there would be an extremely limited audience for a book on medical history museums, though. Then I got a better idea anyway (see fact #3), so I'll wait a little longer for this one.

6. Insomnia plagues me periodically. Hence I am writing this post at 2 am, which may explain why it is so slap-happy.

7. In January, I will seek a part-time job in community development. It is my sincerest hope that I don't let myself be guilt-tripped into working on child care policy. I am weak, though.

8. Speaking of guilt, I admit to loving the most craptastic show on Tv, CSI:Miami. It amuses me so much that I named my non-existant koala in the bush Horatio after the main character. Horatio is campily played by David Caruso, who I truly adored on NYPD Blue, which is one of my all-time favorite shows.

I may actually fall asleep after writing this. Hooray!