>Dear Patrick Scofield (Poughkeepsie, NY, age 20) and Marco Hoffner (Lacey Township, NJ, age 18):

I read your quotes in the New York Times article . The article details how hundreds of men line up on the ramps outside Gate D during halftime at Jets game to shout obscenities at the women forced to pass by you. It seems that you have a fucked notion that you have the right to chant at these women, "Show us your tits." It also seems that if a woman does not comply, you find it appropriate to spit at her and hurtle plastic bottles at her head.

Patrick, you happily boasted to the Times that harassing women at the stadium "is the game." After one woman refused to reveal her breasts, Marco, you told the Times reporter that you were "very disappointed." I am glad that both of you are so honest and think harassment is so much fun. Since you like games so much, I promise that I am going to play one with both of you. If I find either of you, I am going to send you thousands of emails demanding that you show me your balls. If you don't, I am going to throw virtual bottles at your heads because I am "very disappointed." Isn't it going to be fun? I fucking LOVE games, too!

If women were smart (and lucky for you, they are not), they would read about your attitudes and decide that no one should ever, under any circumstances, have sex with you. You would both be shunned like the pathetic, hateful pieces of shit that you are until you apologize and learn how to behave like a civilized person. In the meantime, suck my dick, assholes.