>This is a very nice picture of me. Husband took it while I was sitting around on Sunday while other people took official pictures with their friend, who was getting married later that afternoon. If I could have an author picture, I would crop this and use it.

Out of curiosity, I am wondering if the first thought of anyone looking at this picture was, "Wow, this woman is obviously a radical lesbian." When I was at the BlogHer conference this past summer, someone insisted that I project "radical lesbian." (In fact, the first thing this woman asked me during the ice breaker was whether I was a radical lesbian, which I thought to be sort of rude, regardless of whether I am or not.) Not only rude bitches seem to think that I am a lesbian. This began after I started wearing a little female sign necklace when I was a junior in high school. It seems that it is not possible to be a proud feminist without also being a man-hating lesbian. When I got my hair cut short, I further conformed to some dyke image that people hold sacred in their little minds. I'm not a lesbian, although I do hate men. Now, there's no need to get your man-thongs (aka "jock straps") in a bunch over this fact, because I also hate women, too. People in general raise my ire.

Looks are deceptive. Not only do I look like a lesbian, but I also appear to be a friendly and nice person. Sometimes this is true. However, while the picture was taken, I was thinking something like, "Motherfucking asshole cockface who made me leave a party early on Sat. night, then rise at the fucking crack of dawn so I could haul my ass to the middle of fucking nowhere in that shithole state of New Jersey so that Husband could be in two fucking pictures then stand around for hours before the damn ceremony, I hate your fucking ass." Just like an adorable fuzzy koala bear, a stranger would never know the vicious thoughts that run though my pleasantly dyke-y looking little head.