>I promised myself that I would celebrate finishing Off the Beaten (Subway) Track by watching seasons one and two of Hunter on DVD. Hunter was my favorite show (tied with The Golden Girls) when I was in junior high. Every Saturday night, I babysat and watched Hunter with my friend Jeremy Weiner* over the phone. (Meaning: we both sat in our respective domiciles and watched TV while we were on the phone, discussing the action.)

So four weeks after I was supposed to engage in my TV fueled bacchanal, I finally stopped all my various little other projects and sat down for fun. Man, this show is fucking priceless. The quips, the action, the extraordinarily dated plots - all
joyous fun. Not to mention Det. Didi McCall's super hot '80s high waist pants and blouse sets are better actors than the people. Delightful fun.

Now I realized that both my posts today are about my TV watching habits in the 1980s. Yep, it's definitely time to do more consulting jobs.


Sample dialogue from the third episode:

Bad guy: You guys were suspended.

Hunter: I know. But we love this city and hate injustice.


McCall: I just hate throwing garbage out and watching it blow right back in the wind.