>This afternoon I spoke to the publisher about some changes that need to be made to the book's description on Amazon.com, including the fact that my name is incorrect. It'll all be fixed, he assures me then asks what I think of the book's cover.

"Um, I haven't seen it," I point out.

"Oh! I'll send it to you then. I think you'll like it," he cheerfully responds.

A few hours later, I find a very cool .jpg in my email in-box. My name is correct! The cover rocks hard! I rejoice. Steph comes over for dinner and I show it to her. She agrees that it is bitchin.' I print a copy to gloat over for when I get home.

More hours later, Husband arrives back from his business trip. I show him the picture on the computer. He also agrees that it kicks ass. I pick up the print out of the picture. Suddenly, I am speechless. The fucking title is wrong. Sighing, I email the publisher about the mistake. In my in-box is a comment from some sharp-eyed anonymous person left on CUSS. This person notes that the Amazon.com blurb is riddled with typos that I didn't previously notice.