>While cooking a Thanksgiving meal for 12, my ever talented multitasking friend Mara also presented me with a book of matches.

"What's this?" I asked.

"Look closely at the picture on the back," she replied and went back to cooking up a storm.

I understand that I am not supposed to fall down laughing when I see a stick figure's arm on fire. It is even less funny when one considers that the stick figure on fire represents a child. After all, as the warning clearly states, fire kills children. Howver, this dramatic warning makes me think that as British children go through puberty, they develop fire proof skin. How awesome is that? Yet another reason* our friends on the other side of the pond kick our American asses.

*Reason 1 is that they have extremely delicious chocolate bars. (However, I am sad to report that there are no longer candy machines on the platforms of tube stations. The extent of my disappointment is enormous.) Reason 2, which may be related to Reason 1, is that the scale in my hotel room told me my weight in stones. I suspect that the sale of candy on tube platforms may be a contributing factor in the increasing average stone weight of the British populace, so perhaps that is why candy bars are no longer sold on tube platforms. I don't know. What I do know is that I weighed 8.8 stones on Friday night, which sounds cool.