>Once again, I had trouble sleeping last night, which is obvious to those who noted that my previous blog post was at 2:00 this morning. Nonetheless, there was lots of to do, so I hauled my ass out of bed at regular rise-and-shine time and got to it.

First order of business was cleaning the pig sty - er, apartment - in which I reside. This is especially important because my mom is slightly allergic to rabbits. Although I swear we only have one beast, Tycho sheds enough fur to create the illusion that 15 bunnies live here with us. I Swiffered, vacuumed, and mopped for almost 90 minutes. Then I polished up the beautiful dark wood dining room table that we never cover and slobber all over.

After working up a good sweat with all the cleaning, I went up to Columbia University to request that they send transcripts to the two MFA programs I am applying to. Unlike NYU, which allows alumni to fill out an online form then fax in a signature, CU requires people to mail it in or drop it off in person. I suspect the request will not be processed because right after I handed the form to the chick in the registrar's office, I realized that I forgot to put the date on it. She refused to give it back to me so that I could do. Then she asked me a question about where to send the transcript. Well, there are two places that I wrote the addresses of on the form. How about there? Sigh.

Then I took a brisk 40 block walk back home and spoke to my poor granny who is not coming to the wedding this weekend. Back home, I worked on my writing sample that I am submitting to the MFA programs. Then I moseyed over to the gym. While I was there, my mom called to tell me that their flight was canceled because there's a tornado watch in Chicago. Instead, they'll arrive tomorrow at 9:45 AM. It's supposed to storm here like a mad motherfucker in the afternoon, so I hope they make it out here before then.

And that's what I did today. I am tired.