>Since launching CUSS, I have learned many interesting things about snatch waxing. None of them have convinced me that letting a salon worker pour molten wax into my cooter so that she can rip out my pubic hair is a good idea, although I at least have some understand about why other intelligent women willingly subject themselves to such barbarism. Now, thanks to the delightful Average Jane, I finally discovered an important social benefit to hairless poon and furless cock.

It turns out that in the Netherlands, pubic lice (aka crabs) are in high demand by the Rotterdam Natural History Museum, which cannot find a specimen to include in their collection. A study in Leeds, England, noted that the rate of crab transmission has decreased dramatically even as other STDs have remained stagnant or risen. Why? Supposedly, waxing is killing the critters by denying them a home. Huh.

When Average Jane sent me the link, she noted that this is, "Still not enough reason to wax if you ask me..." and I completely agree. Sure it is reducing a nasty pest, but if this is why one shaves our waxes their pubes, then the logical conclusion would also be to shave our wax your other head to prevent the transmission of head lice. Probably not a very appealing idea to most people.