>Maybe it is just me, but September? Really fucking sucked overall. While it began and ended with visits from two close friends, I spilled an enormous number of tears over various trials and tribulations. October seems to have some promise to be better, though.

Oct. 6: One year anniversary of my last day with my wretched former employer
Oct. 13: Steph is visiting
Oct. 18-21: My family will be in NYC to attend Brother-in-Law's wedding
Oct. 19: Two year blogiversary of CUSS!
Oct. 31: Halloween (Although I doubt that I can squeeze into my dirndl this year, I still look forward to the Festival of Candy. Of course, that is exactly why I can't fit into my dirndl anymore.)

If I'm lucky, I can squeeze in a trip to Pittsburgh to see my old friend J. (aka the Sauce). The book is due on Nov. 1, so it depends how the writing is going. I think I'm right on track, if not a bit ahead of schedule, so if she's free, that would be great. Now if the little rain cloud that hovered over me almost all September would dissipate, that would seal the deal.

Enjoy your October.