>I was double tagged for a "seven random things about me" by always delightful, insightful, and hilarious EV at Nowhere, IL. You already know all about my grooming and cleaning habits, as well as my hatred for most people, so I'm running out of shit to share. Here's my attempt to amuse, enlighten, and make new friends:

1. If anyone wants to catch a peek at Husband and me, check out our picture. Normally I try not to link him to me since he has a respectable career, but his alma mater took matters into their own hands, so I might as well share it with my crew.

2. Ever since I earned free tickets to Cubs games from my library's summer reading club (1984), baseball captured my heart as my favorite sport, particularly teams that continually break fans' hearts. I did deviate in the '90s to basketball thanks to the thrilling Bulls. but once the super team broke up, I stopped. There's only room for so many losing teams in my life.

3. London is my favorite city other than New York, followed by San Francisco.

4. Husband's brilliant wit, nice hands, and shiny red hair (which is sadly declining rapidly in quantity - only sad because it is seriously gorgeous, not because I care that he is balding) are what initially drew me to him.

5. I wish my sister and I lived much closer to each other.

6. By the time I was seven, I racked up four concussions. Two of them occurred while I was at pre-school. This explains many things about me.

7. Although I am wracked with self-doubt about most things, my sense of humor is never in question. I find myself fucking hilarious.

That's me in a nutshell. If anyone else wants to share, I'll be eager to learn more about you.