>Bah. After a delicious and horribly unhealthy dinner with Des last night, I called my parents to discuss logistics for their trip to New York for brother-in-law's (BIL) wedding. My first call to them was to let them know that I would call them when I got off the train.

"Oh, is Des still with you?" my mom asked when she heard that we had dinner.

"No, I'm on my way to the subway and she already went to a different one. Did you want to say hi to her?"


Twenty-five minutes later, I called back and my dad answered. "Your grandmother is not coming to the wedding," he said bluntly. "Her sciatica is acting up."

Later, my mom got back on the horn. "I'm thinking that maybe we can use the credit for her flight to come to New York over my spring break."

I am sooooooo disappointed that I won't get to see Granny this weekend, but my mom's idea is brilliant. A visit from them is something to very much look forward to. Then we can all hang out with Des.