>I want to go to bed, but I hate to interrupt Tycho the giant rabbit as he peacefully slumbers on the FAO Schwartz fake bear skin rug under the coffee table.

Gosh darn it, isn't he the cutest enormous white bunny you've ever seen?* Subsequently, he bonded with the rug by spastically licking its ear. Either that or he was eating for crumbs.

This is what happens when Husband is out of town.

*It seems that the two videos of Tycho that took forever to upload are not appearing here, which is seriously pissing me off. Oh videos, where are you? Why Blogger must you torment me by claiming that you uploaded the files of my adorable pet rabbit and then refusing to let other people see him as he has a bunny dream and then tongues the ear off a fake bear rug? Evil, evil service.