>Not that other people aren't super busy and finding time to blog, but this weekend was a little bit over the top for me. Yesterday Husband and I left at noon for the wedding of his coworker. It was supposed to take two hours to drive there, but thanks to weather and traffic, we arrived 3 hours and 15 minutes later, just in time to see the wedding party posing for post-ceremony pictures. We killed time at a bar across the street until the reception began at 5 pm.

After four hours of food and fun at the reception, we headed home. This time it took slightly under two hours. However, that means that I spent more time in the car in the lovely dress that I spent too much money on at Filene's Basement than I did at the wedding itself. This is not entirely bad, as it was sort of low cut and I felt self-conscious in it. Still, it was cute. Hopefully I will get to wear it again sometime soon and take a picture in it. In two weeks, I'll be at yet another wedding, but am going to wear something else.

Today, Husband left for a business trip to London and Milan. (While I hate that he will be gone this week, he is giddy that it is another chance for him to accumulate frequent flier miles that we can use for personal travel in the future.) I took the bus to exciting Hellertown, PA, where I met my friend Steph and spent a freezing afternoon at the Dorney Park amusement park. Happily we capped the evening off at Waffle House. Even burning my waffle and putting cheese under the grits so that it melted onto the bowl as much as the grits ("What did you expect?" Steph asked as I grumbled about the stupidity that would lead someone to put cheese on the bottom. "This isn't the South; they don't understand.") could not spoil the deliciousness of the meal.

My bus back to New York was 30 minutes late. It seems that the highway between the first stop and Hellertown was reduced from three lanes to one. When the bus arrived, the driver proudly told me that he "applied some K-Y Jelly to slide through traffic" to get there. Um, that is an image I didn't need. And you probably didn't, either.