>Upon opening my New York Times this dreary Monday morning, I was shocked - shocked! - to find the lead editorial titled, "B Is for Bailout, C Is for..."

"No way!" I thought to myself. "Is the Old Gray Lady really going to call the Bush administration cunts?" Because when I see c-word, cunt is absolutely the first word that pops into my mind. Plus, the Bush administration is totally fully of cuntfaces, so this would be a truth-telling unparalleled by any other paper in the counry or even world.

Breathlessly, I skimmed the short piece. Let's see - Bush claiming that although his plan allows 80,000 at-risk homeowners to refinance their loans through the Federal Housing Administration, in addition to the Federal Reserve's recent intervention in financial markets, is not the "b-word" (bailout, not bitch). Whatever. Blah blah blah. Where's the c-word?

Ah, there it is, in the 7th paragraph of the 7 paragraph essay! The op-ed says, "But, if deep down, there is no acknowledgement of a bailout - no 'b-word' - there will be no grappling with the 'c-word,' complicity." Oh. Well, the fine upstanding editors at the Times only stracthed at the surface of the Bush administrations' evil works by using the word complicit, but that's almost as good as calling them cunts. I'll take it.