>Back in August, my friend Alex appeared on The Mike and Juliet Show to talk about why some women don't breastfeed. I accompanied her to the show for moral support, and while waiting in the back room, was witness to an inane (insane?) analogy made by Mike about "beavers suckling beavers," which of course made me snicker and smirk. Alex kicked ass on the show, I got a new running joke about beaver suckling, and I thought that would be the end of it with Mike.

Oh contraire! This morning, my friend Logan Levkoff, author of the awesome book (I'm reading a review copy), Third Base Ain't What it Used to Be, a guide to help parents talk to their kids about sex, was on The Mike and Juliet Show. Juliet, as usual, was a moron. However, Mike really surprised me in how open he was to talking about sex and in supporting the idea that parents should talk to their kids early in life about the topic. No beaver suckling incidents today! Logan, of course, was awesome.

Speaking of third base, why oh why can the Mets not advance beyond that place on the field and score some literal runs? We know it is just a game, but Husband and I are seriously vexed by the likelihood that the Mets are not going to make it into the postseason. I guess that'll just leave me more time to watch other shit on TV. Sigh.