>After Dianne revealed that she has the logic skills commonly exhibited by serial killers in her answer to the question of why a woman killed her sister a week after their mom's funeral, I sent her an email.

"So, how many bodies you got buried in your basement, serial killer?" I wrote. Then I mentioned that the prior day I went to an art installation that consisted of most of the floor of an office building/former warehouse being filled with dirt that comes up to about my knee. Dianne thought she had been there before, and she was right about what had been there. It's been open to the public since 1980, and the guy at the information desk told me that they rake and water it once a week. (I'm sure the people in the floors below love that.)

She replied, "Hahahahaha! I am so happy and alarmed! I do not bury bodies in my basement, I sneak into the local wax museum and leave them there. It takes forever to realize they are not part of a macabre exhibit! I was afraid I was right after I posted my answer, so I googled the question to try to find the answer. Also, there is a list of serial killer characteristics that I score pretty high on, I tried to find them as well, but no luck."

Dianne then further exhibited her deviant nature by suggesting that we go to the art installation and "chuck grass seed in the pile." Now it is my turn to laugh psychotically, and if Count Mockula would be so good as to share her disturbing story about the coroner's office her mom worked it, it will be even more fun.