>Remember that Bjork song from a few years ago, "It's So Quiet?" It came out when I was in my second year at NYU, and the newly installed video machine in one of the dining halls played the Busby Berkeley-style musical production constantly, alternating with Tupac's "Kalifornia," and Weezer's "Sweater Song." I tried to get the machine to play some song that was from the soundtrack of "Clerks" that was so great that I forgot what it was called or who it was by, only that the video had many of my favorite scenes from that ever-so-fine film. (God, sometimes I miss the mid-90s.)

Video or not, it has been quiet on the 'net this week, hasn't it? I mean, I write a screed over at BlogHer calling "pro-life" leaders terrorists (something I wholeheartedly believe), and pretty much no one blinks an eye. (Not to denigrate the fine people who agreed with me, but I expected outrage, sputtering, and disgust from the other side.) Comments on CUSS, usually limited, are even fewer than usual. So it goes. Optimistically, maybe people are on vacation?

Then, in a weird twist, I find myself agreeing with an op-ed in the Wall Street Journal! Husband reads the Journal daily for their financial reporting, which is claims is excellent, and both of us find the op-ed pages and movie reviews to be beamed in from Uranus. (It was discredited as a planet for a reason, folks. Ha ha ha!) I don't understand how I find myself in bed with conservatives when it comes to Israel, but I hope they keep their pants on.

The world is a mysterious place.