>Feministe reports that Nair admits to marketing to ten year olds. Thank goodness! I was getting worried that the adults in their lives were letting girls get too comfortable with the shaggy, "angry feminist" look. Next thing you know, they might not want hot wax poured into their vulvas and asses because they might find pubic hair weirdly acceptable. I mean, my parents never bothered me about shaving, and look how fucked up I am. In fact, I am so degenerate that I went to the gynecologist today with hairy armpits, hairly legs, and a bushy cooter. If only Nair was marketing to me twenty years ago, I might known that as "a citizen of the world," "a dreamer," and "fresh" person, I am "so not going to have stubs sticking out of my legs." Or arms. Or snatch.