>As a person who must occupy every nook and cranny of her Swiss cheese brain with something, I find myself obsessing over things.* Sometimes they are useful (like, say, a desire to learn Hindi, April's failed Obsession of the Month) and other times they are ridiculous. September 2007's Obsession of the Month falls into the realm of the latter.

Two nights ago, as Husband and I watched the Mets seize victory from the hapless Reds, I began wondering about the personal lives of third baseman David Wright and catcher Paul Lo Duca. Lo Duca is about the only controversial Met; he was involved in an acrimonious divorce last year from his Playboy model wife when he was caught having an affair with a 19 year old. Also, he was involved in some gambling debts. Otherwise, the team is squeaky clean, lead by Wright, who Husband insists only drinks milk, never alcohol. My "research" (a quick Google) proved otherwise, as photos of Wright bartending while partying with Lo Duca were plentiful, albeit from last year.

Now I want to know who on the team is married, who is in a relationship, and who is single. Where do the Mets hang out? Why I am not there?** How can I remedy the situation?

*Incidentally, every Obsession of the Month is doomed to fail. It is just a way to waste time.

**Hating bars and being a homebody might play a large part in the answer to this question.