>Despite all my bluster and bravado, I've been having a tough few weeks for a variety of personal reasons. I hit a big nasty low yesterday night, and I couldn't sleep. When I went to check my email, I got this message in conjunction with an article I wrote at The Panelist, Breast Cancer for Fun and Profit:

You are my new hero!... Thank you!!!

Whoever you are, debutaunt, this meant more to me right now than you know. Thank you.

And thanks to everyone else who has been a good friend to me lately, whether online or in person or both. There's nothing horrible happening in my life or anything to worry about, but I especially appreciate your friendship these days. You rock. Also, I have been cheering myself up considerably by reviewing all of the nice pictures I posted and things I wrote about my parents' house. Even though my affectionate mockery of their house annoys my dad to no end, thinking about the non-pretentious home I grew up in and the lovely wacky people who reside(d) in it is making me feel very good right now. Yay.