>CSI: Miami is my favorite craptastic show with over-the-top bad acting by David Caruso, ludicrous plot resolutions that never live up to the first 47 minutes of the criminal investigation, and hot actors. Last season's production quality, with its "new fangled" flashy split screen action for no good reason, nearly drove me insane. I was seriously considering not tuning in again this year, even if it meant missing out on Caruso's infamous removal and replacement of sunglasses as a substitute for facial expression. (That never fails to amuse me.)

Hence it was with much excitement that I read in Entertainment Weekly that Rory Cochran, whose character Speedle was killed in 2004, is returning to the show as that character. Producers have verified that Speedle is indeed going to be back. This is no twin-of-Speedle type of bait and switch. How on earth a dead guy will join the CSI team is beyond me, but my friend Steph (who adores Rory) and I are bursting with anticipation.

And that, my friends, is the exact cheese I love about CSI: Miami. The show is like Humboldt Fog spread it thick on a cracker and I eat every damn crumb.