>Speaking of perverts, there's a fascinating little restaurant in the basement of a huge office building just off Wall Street. It's run by Seventh Day Adventists and is vegan. Since the place has no meat or dairy, it attracts a people-watching worthy mix of Jews who keep kosher, Muslims, Hindus, hippies, and weirdos like me. The buffet is a mere $3.99 for all the food you can fit into a Styrofoam plate and bowl. Baked goods, granola, and amazing popcorn (made with "herbs" that are addictive) are also sold for your home eating pleasure.

The restaurant is called Little Lad's Basket, which my friend Sara (not Farf-Sara, but another Jewess pal of mine) decided made it sound like a place that former Rep. Mark Foley* would enjoy visiting. Many moons have passed since I last ate there, but I decided to chow down before I went onto the American Numismatic Museum and tour the future home of the new-and-improved Museum of American Financial History. Although I have no idea exactly what I ate, it prepared me will to go look at money and homages to capitalism.

We** should go there sometime. It'll be fun.

*Remember him? He was the homophobic Republican who "championed" children who was caught hitting on a teenage page.
**This means any CUSS reader/vegan who lives in NYC (ahem, Des) or will be visiting.