>Supposedly, the horrific crack epidemic that swept the nation in the 1980s ended in the early '90s, but I have found much anecdotal evidence that the US remains full of crackheads.

My first (and most solid proof) derives from the fact that there are still people out there who think that the Iraqi war is going well and we should just do what we've been doing thus far and things will be just fine, thank you for the refreshing crack-laced lemonade, dear. Sure, I see fewer and fewer letters to the editor in The New York Times supporting this position. (Even a year ago, they ran about even with pro and con letters.) My assumption is that there are no, if any, good-for-the-brave-and-fearless-leader-Bush-for-his-wise-invasion letters coming in or the paper would print a few. On the other hand, I just read a story in New York magazine about Col Allan, the editor-in-chief of The New York Post, and the man is clearly on crack when he talks about Iraq. (Actually, most of his insane behavior indicates that he is a crackhead.)

Other anecdotal evidence on the nation's continuing crackhead mindset stems from comments I see on the blogs I read. Por ejemple, yesterday I was reading a new response to the little essay I wrote about Jewish feminist leaders. To sum up, I wrote about how Jewish women advocated for social equality in the US from the 1850s on. It did not compare Judaism to other religions, nor did it have anything to do with the Holocaust. Yet someone responded, apropos of nada, that Jews are probably more equal than Christians, and further, she was miffed that her family received no thank you letters after her grandfather helped Dutch Jews during WWII. Obviously his actions show that he was not on crack, but I can't see what on earth this has to do with American Jewish women and feminist leadership. I know that anyone who has a blog who ever wrote anything remotely political or personal or maybe even about a sandwich they ate that day has received these what-the-fuck? comments.

Americans: listen to Whitney and lay off the crack, because it seriously makes you crazy.