>This evening, I took another step toward hopefully entering an MFA program for creative nonfiction writing next fall, and attended an open house at The New School with two women from my writing group. Generally, we agreed that the program sounded interesting and exciting (although I was slightly concerned at how inarticulate two out of the three student panelists were), and I am definitely applying there. The highlight of the evening came during the question and answer session:

Audience Member 1: How important is the writing sample when applying?

Program Director: The writing portfolio is the most important part of the application, followed by the statement of purpose, followed by the letters of recommendation.

Audience Member 2: So do we need a writing profile to apply?

After a few more exchanges along these lines, the event ended. I called Husband to tell him I was on my way home to watch the Mets lose yet again. (Seriously, this is killing me.)

"Oh, well, they are up 3 to nothing," he reported, albeit guardedly.

When I walked into my apartment 20 minutes later, Carlos Delgado hit a home run and the Mets were up 6 to nothing. Hurray! About an hour or so after that, we lost 9 to 6. I really need to stop watching for the rest of the season.