>Although I can't fully open my mouth today because my jaw is sore from yesterday's dental work, I am still very loud when it comes to expressing my deep seated convictions. I posted a very nice treatise on BlogHer on why "pro-life" leaders in the US are actually terrorists. We'll see how that goes over.

Really, though, the reason that all those "pro-life" folks love the unborn so much is that they are quiet. Unless you are the one stuck carrying an unwanted pregnancy to term, blastocysts, zygotes, and fetuses are so much more agreeable to actual born people. The unborn have nothing to say. They have no thoughts or opinions. They don't cry and need their diapers changed or throw up on people. Fetuses don't require clothes or school supplies or your full, undivided attention. Without fully formed vocal cords or the ability to breathe on their own, fetuses don't argue with you. They just sort of sit around, except once in a while when they kick to remind you that maybe you should lay off the lasagna, but again, that expression of opinion only affects the useless woman carrying the fetus, so whatever. So easy to get along with, unless of course they are causing vomiting, back pain, loss of bladder control, bed rest, and/or life threatening illness like diabetes, eclampsia, or toxemia. Why wouldn't people who really have no interest in increasing the quality of life for humans prefer the unborn to the born? Hell, when put this way, I prefer the unborn to kids and adults.

Still, I support Planned Parenthood. If you agree that they overall do good and important work, blog about it. Right now if you google PP, the only shit that comes up is crazy fucking rants from anti-choice activists who also oppose birth control or anything that allows women a modicum of self-determination.