>Pride and dignity should never stand in the way of a good joke, so I will fulfill Alex's request for photographic evidence of my penis head haircut:

To be fair, this actually looks better than it did on Thursday and Friday. Yesterday it was so bad that I kept my little fisherman's cap on all day, which then made it worse by giving me penis head hat head. The problem is a rounded top with bangs and a too long back resembles a circumcised frenulum with shaft. I fear getting arrested for indecent exposure. The good news is that I discovered that if I pull the sides of the top back a little with clippies it reduces the penis head a bit, so I almost look normal. I'll still have Des trim it a bit tomorrow, though.

At any rate, looks clearly dictate behavior, as I once again acted like a massive dickhead yesterday. After writing about how important it is to call ahead when trekking to small, weird museums because websites are not frequently updated, I neglected to do so again. The Big O and I took an hour long subway and bus journey only to be met with a closed door because the director of the Poppenhusen Institute happened to take the day off for a long weekend. The caretaker took pity on us, though, and gave us a quick look around.

I hope when I no longer look like a penis, I'll stop acting like one.