>Upon entering the grease and ketchup stained mess that was also known as the Ocean City McDonald's so that I could use their very cheap wifi to log onto a online class that I registered for, I approached the counter.

"What time are you open until tonight?" I asked the cashier after I ordered a medium Diet Coke.

"I don't know. It depends," she said. I found that odd. How the hell do people not know what time their restaurant is open until?

"OK, do you think you'll be open until 11?" It was 9:00. My class ended at 11:00, so I needed internet access until then.

"Yes, probably, at least 11."

"Thanks," I said. I took my Diet Coke and sat down, logging onto the Mickey D wifi and paying my $2.95 for 2 hours of internet excitement.

At 10:25, a woman began yelling at us. "We're closing the dining room in 10 minutes. You'll need to get out."

"Excuse me?" I asked, confused. "I was told that you were open until at least 11:00. I need to use the wi..."

"Well, I'm the night shift manager and I decide when the dining room opens and closes, and you must get out of her in five minutes," she sneered.

Now I was mad. "I see. So this restaurant has no standards whatsoever. You just open and close at your whim. I'm sorry I inconvenienced you by daring to come." I didn't bother mentioning that this was the filthiest McDonald's I ever set foot in.

We glared at each other. "Your five minutes are up. Get out."

I understand that this woman is not thrilled with her job as the night shift manager of Ocean City's McDonald's. (She also made that clear by bitching at one of the new employees, yelling in her face that she didn't care if it was the girl's first day, she better do her job perfectly.) At the same time, she can suck my dick. I went outside and sat near the drive thru, using every last minute of my wifi purchase. Later today, I plan to call the corporate office. Then a call to the health department. They might be interested in hearing about the vile conditions of the facility, don't you think?