>My friend Alex Elliot, author of the awesome blog Formula Fed & Flexible Parenting, was invited to appear on the Fox morning news show, The Mike and Juliette Show. She wrote a fantastic piece yesterday about a ridiculous NYC ban on giving out formula to new moms in hospital gift bags. Read it.

I am excited to sit in the audience and give her a big thumbs up as she talks. I think it is no one's business to question why a woman uses formula. Do I follow other women around and ask them why they dress their preschool girls like mini whores? Um, I do. Bad example. I am a little nervous for Alex because the level of vitriol directed at mothers who do not breastfeed can be overwhelming, so I'm giving her a big shout out in advance.

Alex is a great mom and a brave woman taking a stand that is often unpopular, but absolutely just. I admire her greatly and am proud to be her friend. (Not to mention godmother to her kids, but I figure that her choice of a crazy ranting loon with mustard all over herself is not going to raise her esteem in the eyes of those judgmental freaks.) Thanks Alex, for being you!