>It was hard to get out of bed this morning. I love my bed. It is comfortable, although Husband recently discovered that the frame we bought about a year ago is exactly the cheap piece of shit that we paid for: the support beams on the bottom are all cracked. (How they got that way is up to your imagination. Hubba hubba.) To make myself start the day, I thought about things that please me.

Breakfast, along with lunch and to a lesser extent dinner, is my favorite meal of the day. This morning I lived it up by making a piece of ham steak in the George Foreman Grill and savoring it with a microwaved sunnyside up egg. Is there any better way to begin a day? I think not, and I have Ocean City to thank for the reintroduction of ham steak into my life. Alex's younger son ate a ham steak meal for dinner the last night we were at the beach, and I marveled at the idea. Alex said she often gives the kids ham steak with their breakfast for a spot of protein. My mom used to make us ham steak for dinner, and it was so tasty. Having ham steak back in my life is great.

Last week's "Shaw Report," a "style" feature that I usually detest in my otherwise beloved Entertainment Weekly, declared that waxing is "out," manscaping is "5 minutes ago," and au naturale is "in." For once, I am trendy. Even if a stupid source is declaring it.

After I ate my ham and egg, I decided to check out the weather online and went to the New York Times web page. There I did not learn what the weather was (I had to go over to NY1.com for that crucial info), but I did learn that Karl Rove is leaving the White House. Unfortunately, this news is about 6 years too late to be helpful, and I am sure that he will find other ways to damage this country, but I'm pretending that he is finally returning to the circle of hell that he crawled out from.

While I was writing about these three things that I love, Husband called and informed me that we were accused of not cleaning the beach house properly - including rearranging all of the furniture, which is completely insane - before leaving, and thus the assholes were not going to refund us our security deposit. I don't understand this at all, but it definitively determined that we will not be returning there next summer. My blood is boiling. So it goes.