>A few months ago, I launched a lame protest against the unattainable beauty standard set by the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. I was way too wussy to actually pose in my underwear, though, so I made a duct tape version of myself. Duct Tape Suzanne didn't really capture all my bulges, but she did a good enough job demonstrating that people with B cups don't explode out of bras.

Recently, a number of airbrushing incidents have come to light. Catherine Morgan put a nice photo montage of some of the incidents on her blog; Rita Arens described the photoshopping of young pageant girls on BlogHer, and D Listed puts up tons of photos on his site. The Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition contains women airbrushed to the hilt.

With all the airbrushing out there, I wonder why models are even needed any more. Magazines and the fashion industry could save tons of money by hiring shlubs like me at a low rate, then painting a new face or body on the picture. That said, I am also increasingly pissed at the bullshit that is out there. Other than the Dove Real Beauty campaign, which depicts "normal" women of a variety of body types and ages in order to sell lotion, there are very few depictions of just us regular ladies. Fuck that. Let's start the "Normal Woman Photo Campaign." Here's what I look like in my new Gottex Blue bathing suit:

Am I mortified at how chubby I look? Yes, but it is me. I shouldn't feel ashamed at not being perfect. I'm not going to any more, either. Join the Swimsuit Brigade and stand up for normal women. Post a picture of yourself online in your swimsuit. Don't put yourself down. You look fabulous. Models don't speak for us, and airbrushed ones even less so. Let's represent.