>The rain has me down. It is amplifying my friend Des's problems. Right now, I am trying not to scratch my eyes out at the horrific online class I foolishly enrolled in. (Although how was I to know how bad it would suck?) My only consolation is that I don't have to sit in the same room and try to not want to kill people. Instead, I can make fun of them on my blog. For example:

Instructor>> First, think of it as not just blogging, per se, but really, Web 2.0. It's not what it was when if first started - basically, online journaling that was oh-so-self-obsessed. Rather, it's now the accepted way of providign content on the front end, while outsourcing the back end coding to your blog provider.

Idiot #1>> thanks! Maybe I just need to be reading some of the better blogs, 'cause most that I've read seem to be more like journals

Instructor>> exactly, naval gazing is blogging 1.0 to a T. Its evolved tons past that!)

You know what? The best blogs are personal blogs. I hate this class. Someone help me. Please let it be sunny tomorrow. Des and I are planning to go see the life-size statue of a bull elephant with a two foot long dick at the UN Sculpture Garden, and we need to laugh. (Her more than me, but still.) Giant statue elephant schlongs are funny, even with rain, but much more hilarious in the sun with ice cream. I'm buying.