>It always takes me forever to update my blogroll. Partly this is due to my fear of touching my template and somehow managing to screw the whole thing up. Partly it is due to time crunches. Sadly, my reluctance to update my blogroll frequently is because that means I have to alphabetize things, and I hate that I have to go over the alphabet in my head every time to get things right. ("...e,f,g,h,i,j,k.... OK, now I remember that J is between I and K...")

Updating my blogroll, however, was an excellent way to procrastinate and not write the giant report that I must complete by the end of the month in order to get paid for the consulting I did for the city for the last 16 weeks. (Not that I have a signed contract yet. Nope, in the latest version they got the scope of work and the amount of money correct, but spelled my name three different ways (one of which was correct) and got the term of the contract wrong.) I think that I got everyone, but apologies in advance if I missed a blog that clearly should be linked. Just let me know.

Another good thing to do to procrastinate, by the way, is to watch Tycho the Giant Rabbit scratch his ear with his hind foot then lick his toes clean. Never fails to amuse, fascinate, and gross me out at once.