>My journey to The Living Art Museum at Creedmoor Psychiatric Center was delightful. Housed in a full building on the Creedmoor campus and surrounded by an organic garden, the museum is vibrant, full of interesting paintings, drawings, and sculptures, and busy with artists at all times. A patient named John showed me around, and while some of the art was disturbing (smocks with paper vaginas pinned to them, anyone?), I felt like I could see the same stuff at the Museum of Modern Art or a SoHo gallery. The porn collages cracked me up. On the whole, though, most of the art was spectacular, and the doctor in charge of the program seemed delightful and caring.

All of this is very good because I came back home to a pile of child care project bullshit that is going to drive me into Creedmoor residency. (Every time I think I am free, there's something else that needs to be done in order to satisfactorily complete the project. The tentacles of responsibity are wrapped around me.) I am very pleased to know that I will have such nice options for art therapy. You can all visit me there. They love visitors!