>I am unabashedly liberal. Even though most people don't know (or even like) a good portion of their fellow members of humanity, I believe that we have some obligations toward one another. I think I should pay a higher rate of taxes because I reap a higher share of benefits from our capitalist system. If you want to follow your religion, I am (mostly) OK with that, assuming that it doesn't literally hurt others (ie - female genital mutilation) and you don't try to convert me or force me to live by your religious beliefs. I am into the idea that people can think for themselves and that we can disagree and still be friendly.

Thus it was with much annoyance that I can across a blog today whose author said we got along just fine until she read that I generally support Israel. Radical Earthling then accused me of being a dumb fuck (but more nicely). (I concede that the article in question was not the clearest or most coherent 400 words I ever set to pen.) I'm cool with disagreeing and having a discussion about it.

What bothers me is that because she (he?) doesn't agree with my stance on Israel's right to exist, nothing else I write or think is acceptable. Why do people have to tow the exact same line on everything? My friend Sara (aka A Musing Farf) gets a lot of shit about this, too, especially about her "credibility" as a feminist. Farf and I don't see eye to eye on all (or even maybe most?) issues, but that's one of the reasons I like her: she challenges me to think. She has reasons for her beliefs and I like to hear them. Half of my favorite bloggers are waxed snatch lovers; I like hearing why. (And their reasons totally softened my outlook on it, even if I still personally shrink away from the practice.) If I hadn't egotistically googled myself, I might not have seen Radical Earthling's post, and I think she made some great points. (Maybe Radical Earthling could have left me a comment on that post indicating why she thinks I am wrong.) I respect thinkers, and I mock the crap out of idiots. I want to leave a comment on her post explaining some of my stances, but it won't take non-WordPress user feedback, so I'm shit out of luck.

Without dialogue, we might as well all just sit around watching beavers suckle beavers. Ladies and gentlemen, Suzanne has left the group think tank. Let's meet in the scary dark alley and talk crazy shit about what we disagree on.