>Damn. Here we had a nice successful week at the beach. When we arrived at the house we rented, I thought it was not as clean as it was when we rented it the previous year. Some of the dishes still had food on it, a friend stepped on a very sharp earring while barefoot in one of the bedrooms that we didn't wind up using, and there was an ant infestation. We called to report the ants because we didn't want the next family to stay there to have the same welcome party we did. I think that was very considerate of us. Otherwise, I mentioned that the house was a bit dirty, but said it was not a big deal. These things happen. Before we left, we mopped the kitchen floors several times, took out the trash and replaced the garbage bags, wiped down the table, and vacuumed throughly. I felt good about leaving the place in better shape than we found it.

Imagine my surprise when Husband called me this morning to report that they are keeping our security deposit because we left the house in shambles. Supposedly, we moved all the furniture around and left such a huge mess that they had to hire a cleaning service. We left the house at 7 am in spic and span condition. In fact, I cringed thinking about the fact that I would have to repeat the cleaning process in my own apartment this week, and how ironic it is that I clean more on vacation than I do in my daily life. (I hate cleaning.)

We followed the landlord's directions to a T: clean up, then leave the keys in the house, and the doors unlocked. Perhaps between the time we left and the time the next legitimate people arrived, someone else used the house? Is that my fault that the landlords tell us to leave the fucking door open? Why on earth would we rearrange the furniture, of all things? Is it not odd that we left the top floor in perfect condition, but a pig sty on the bottom floor, most accessible to any asshole who felt like wandering in after we left? And we didn't have any problems last year, so why would we suddenly become gross slobs?

I see a bitter dispute coming. In the meantime, I am going to storm off to a meeting.