>As long as I am in a pissy mood, I thought I should finally let McDonald's know about my little experience in their fine eating establishment. Alex called them and complained, and the owner called her back to apologize. However, they didn't offer her any free shit, which annoys me. I provided my insight to McD's HQ through their fine website:

While visiting Ocean City, I was very happy to learn that McDonald's offered reliable wifi for a very affordable cost. I am enrolled in an online class, so it was critical that I found a place in which I could get online and participate. The prior Sat. night, I stopped into the McDonald's and the manager assured me that the restaurant was open until 1 am. My class was from 10-11 PM, so this was perfect.

I returned on Aug. 8, bought a Diet Coke, and asked the cashier until what time the restaurant was open, just to verify before I paid for my wifi. She said she was not sure, which surprised me. How can an employee not know the store's hours? I prodded, and asked if it would be open until 11.

"Yes, 11, at least," she replied.

I sat down and paid for my wifi. At 10:20ish, a very surly woman yelled at me and my friends.

"You have to get out of here in 15 minutes," she snarled.

I was confused. I told her that I had been told that the restaurant was open until 11 pm at least.

"Well, I am the night shift manager," she snarled, "and I decide what time we close. And I decided that we close in 15 minutes."

I tried pointing out that I paid for my wifi and needed to be online for a class. She told me that she didn't care and that I now needed to be out of there in five minutes. I asked if this was standard procedure to randomly close the restaurant and she said that it was when she decided it was.

Needless to say, I was outraged by the lack of standards that this McDonald's has. Not only was this woman incredibly nasty to me and my friends, but she also treated the other employees poorly, yelling in their faces for what appeared to be minor infractions. Worse, the restaurant itself was disgusting. The floors were greasy, as if mopped with leftover from the fryer and smelled like ketchup. I stayed far away from McDonald's for the rest of my time in Ocean City, and hope that this is not a reflection of how McDonald's operates in other areas.

I'll share the response, if I get any.