>I'm taking a break from being furious (fucking douche bag bitch keeps pumping me for money for an upcoming event - if other people committed and then canceled at the last minute, fuck them - they need to pay up; I'm not covering their skanky asses...) to announce upcoming progress.

In the next few weeks, I hope to update lots of stuff here at CUSS. Most important, I want to fix up my neglected blogroll. Many of the blogs I list cease to exist, which makes me sad, but what am I gonna do? Many fine folks leave comments here and I want to link to everyone. My plan is this: anyone who has taken the time to leave me a few comments, will get a link. (People who don't know I exist will still get a link if I like the blog.) If you want a link, let me know. (Don't expect much traffic to be generated, just warning you. The readership here is small, although clearly a choice segment of humanity.) If you think it would be embarrassing to have a link from CUSS and have left comments here but don't want me linking to you, I understand completely, but let me know. Thanks.

Now, back to being furious.