>After I wrote about self-described dickhead Tucker Max yesterday on BlogHer, I moseyed on over to the salon where I have gotten my last few hair cuts. Out of six cuts, I'd say three were very good, and two were acceptable at best. The sixth and last I will get from this woman? Oy. I look like an actual circumcised penis. Irony is an evil wench sometimes. Fortunately, Des agreed to try and help with her hair cutting talent, so perhaps I'll only have to wear hats until Sunday when I see her.

In other news, I read in today's New York Times that the American Cancer Society is devoting their entire advertising budget to the "consequences of inadequate health coverage." Research shows that delayed screenings and treatments due to lack of insurance are largely responsible for improving the rate of survival from various cancers. What with recent Census data informing us that 47 million people now have no insurance at all, I think this is a wonderful idea. I didn't see Sicko, but I hope that the ads take into account that many who pay for insurance find themselves screwed by their companies when they get sick. We need comprehensive reform.

Finally, back in the heart of corn, pig, and soybean country, fairness and rule of law trumps homophobia and irrational hate. That's right - Iowa, my sister's adopted home, is the second state to allow gay marriage! Yay! It makes me so happy. Of course, there is an appeal, as people appear to not be able to be happy for those adults who find love. With the most recent Republican "scandal," (Oooh - a man likes gay sex! He better resign as opposed to the Congressman who cheats on his wife with escorts.), it just reminds me that those who shout their homophobia loudest often are people who have homosexual tendencies and hate themselves for it and are determined to punish everyone as a result. As they say in Iowa, what's with the cob up your ass? (Seriously. They say this.)