>On my way to a going away party in the West Village, I stopped off at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors. Yeah, it is every bit as loony as it sounds. Plus they have special full moon festivals every month. God, I love working on this book. I wind up in the most bizarre places.

Although the chapel is billed as a place for sacred contemplation and spiritual renewal, I found its cheesy new agey-ness hilarious. I did find Nirvana, though, near by at the Chelsea Market. This is a huge warehouse of the kitchens of gourmet food purveyors. Somehow I have never managed to make it over there before this afternoon. I wandered around the cavernous hallway in awe. Then I found Ronnybrook Dairy Bar. I had recently read that this place has milkshakes to die for. That is an understatement.

The chocolate orange peel milkshake (and yes, I felt like an asshole asking for it with skim milk) cost $5.15. But if I were run over by a garbage truck as I were sucking that thing down, I would die a happy woman. Unbelievable.