>My interview with egomaniac Tucker Max is up over at BlogHer. It was ready about a week before I posted it this morning, and every day I've been increasingly nervous about it because I think I am going to disappoint people since I don't hate him. I acknowledge that I have bad taste. I can't help that. I'd try and blame it on my upbringing, but there's a big difference between my mom not understanding why people think that Graceland is tacky and me laughing my ass off at a guy who accidentally jizzes in his own eye. It is not my parents' fault.

Raunch culture is a complicated thing. Things like Girls Gone Wild offend me about as much as anything possibly can, I'm totally not into strip clubs as cool places to hang out (for guys or ladies), and I don't get things like ookie cookie at all. Anti-woman jokes rarely strike me as funny. I HATE Revenge of the Nerds, which implies that women who are snobbish deserve to have spy cams installed in their homes so that nerds can spend their days watching them naked without their knowledge. I'm not a post-feminist feminist at all. Yet there are just some horrible, evil, vile types of humor that I can't help fall prey to although I know in my heart of hearts that what I am laughing at is not funny, but there I am, cringing in disgust while guiltily rolling on the floor with tears squirting out of my eyes.

So now I am sitting back cowering and hoping that quality feminists who I respect and like immensely don't unleash their wrath on me and shun me for my weaknesses. (But have you seen Varsity Blues? Horrible butrhilarious....)