>Why don't I listen to myself? In the past two days, I told myself I would or would not do certain things, and then I went ahead and did the exact opposite. Not that either action had serious consequences, but consider:

1. I ordered an amazing chocolate covered orange peel flavored milkshake from Ronnybrook Dairy Bar around 5 pm yesterday. (Does it make a difference that it was made with skim milk? Nah, I didn't think so.) Then I bought some luscious brownies from Fat Witch Bakery to bring to a going away party I was attending. As I sucked the milkshake down, my taste buds sang and my stomach rumbled. "Hmmm... maybe I should skip the caramel brownie," I thought. Hours and 1.25 brownies later, I am erupting with gas like Mt. Etna. I'm sure the hamburger I ate before the brownies didn't help either.

2. In the introduction to my upcoming book about eclectic New York City, I am very clear that people should always, always, always call ahead to make sure that a museum or other desired destination is open. Plus be sure to bring the phone number with you, just in case. Even if the website of, for example, the Kurdish Library & Museum claims it is open on Tuesday through Friday and Sunday from 1-5, they might randomly decide to close for a few weeks for Labor Day. It is not fun to find this out after you call your husband at work and have him look the museum up so that you get their number and call them while you stand in front of the locked door, especially if it is sunny and a zillion degrees and you once again forgot to put on sunscreen.

I need to listen to myself more often.