>I've had a lot of extremely good food lately. I'm not terribly discriminate in what I judge to be extremely good, so maybe that's a warning.

On Saturday, I had BBQ at Interstate BBQ in Memphis, TN. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. I think it is actually manna from heaven, the food that God made the sky rain on the Jews while they wandered around starving in the desert for 40 years, which is ironic, since God supposedly doesn't want Jews eating pork. (Divine retribution for worshiping the golden calf?) On the other hand, my favorite item at Interstate was the truly divine brisket, which I think came from beef, so all of my half-ignorant Biblical musings are for naught.

Sunday's dinner was cheese grits and a waffle at Waffle House in Nashville. Setting aside the bizarre conversation with an employee, it was soooo satisfying. Comfort food rocks my world.

Last night I had a sublime meal at a fancy French seafood restaurant in Manhattan. While I intellectually acknowledge that this was not even on the same scale as Waffle House, I still found them equally good in their own way. Husband claims that Waffle House, while delicious, should not be compared to high quality seafood, but does put Interstate BBQ on the same level, which is why I love him.

This should all explain why I gained almost five pounds in the last few weeks. Also why the warning needle on my digestive tract is on "ready to explode - get to bathroom NOW." Bah. Tonight I will be an Amy's organic frozen Indian dinner, which while tasty, definitely ends my super excellent dinner streak.