>Yesterday was my seventh wedding anniversary. To celebrate, Husband and I went to a fancy French seafood restaurant that my friend Mara recommended. At first I was nervous, of course, because fancy restaurants make me uncomfortable. I'm convinced that people can tell that I don't belong and will ask me to leave any minute, which then makes me want to misbehave and do something like drink out of the creamer or eat sugar. The food made me relax, though. Saying it was amazing does not do the food justice. Tears of joy practically formed in the corners of my eyes during the second course, crab with mustard sauce.

The waiter came by. "Enjoying?" he asked in French accented English.

"Delightful," I replied.

He smiled and walked away. I turned to Husband. "How do you think he would have reacted if I said it was as good as Red Lobster, maybe better?"

Husband and I laughed and laughed. And that is why I love him.