>Ah, there's nothing like going home. I was super crabby when my folks picked Husband and I up from the airport, but at least I didn't have crabs. My poor sister, on the other hand, is not so fortunate when it comes to parasites. She brought ringworm home with her. My mom is only slightly bent out of shape about it, so Sister threatened to sneak into her room at night and rub her ringworm arm on my mom's forehead. This caused us all (including my mom) to laugh hysterically. Oy.

Tonight is Granny's 85th bday celebration gala. I am sure that many memorable quotes will be uttered. Rebecca and I will take notes.

Now I'm leaving the ginormous suburban gym that Husband and drove 20 minutes to get to (so weird for us city slickers!) and going to get my very own copy of the new Harry Potter! It will be hard to wait until Husband leaves tomorrow afternoon to read it. The challenges I face, I tell ya.