>For those of you lamenting not attending the BlogHer conference, you may have missed a great breakfast with awesome people, but you also escaped the "Speed Dating" ice breaker. All 750 or so conference attendees formed two circles around the ballroom at Navy Pier and we rotated around, greeting each other.

This was fine enough until I met The Branding Consultant.

"Hi, I'm Suzanne!" I chirped, but really screamed because I was trying to be heard over 750 other chatting people. "Here's my blog sticker."

"Hi, I'm The Blogging Consultant," yelled The Blogging Consultant in my face so I could hear her. She looked at my sticker. "You project 'Radical Lesbian!'"

"What?" I was shocked. "That's not what I am trying to project. Good thing I am going to your workshop." I think she then told me that my blog title and hair signaled that I am a radical lesbian. "Of course, I love radical lesbians, but that is not how I am trying to portray myself. I hope I don't have to change my blog logo because I really like it."

She said something that was probably important that I didn't hear and then it was time to change partners. Oh well. There are definitely far more misleading (and worse) ways to portray myself than as a radical dyke; she could have thought I was a Republican!