>My cell phone was a bad, bad friend this weekend. It died on multiple occasions, didn't ring when it was on, and then neglected to inform me that I had messages in a timely fashion. Husband headed to Brother-in-Law's bachelor party in Vegas while I was in the conference, so between busy schedules, time zone differences, and technology failures, it was hard keeping in touch with him. On Saturday night, I got a message from him (hours and hours after he left it, of course).

"Hi! We just left a gun store where we shot at pictures of Gary Busey!" he enthused. I think he went on to claim that the owners said they never saw a more natural shot, but the connection wasn't great. The thought made me laugh and laugh, though, not only because I find it hilarious that he went to a gun store and shot at pictures of Gary Busey, but also because I've seen this man play darts. Natural shot my ass.

Today Des, Kara and I are hanging out in the burbs (going to the Bahai Temple) then heading down to the Indian neighborhood area in Chicago for lunch, where we will meet Suebob and her family and also my friend Rachel and her family. Sadly, Kara leaves tonight. I know all good things must come to an end and all that, but still I am sad.