>Enough thanks cannot be given to Count Mockula for her tip on these videos about the history of merkins. The two part series is an utterly brilliant piece of history and storytelling, and why I think British people are the rockingest. (Other evidence: "Fuck Off I'm a Hairy Women" and "The Trouble with My Vagina," two documentaries about pubic hair that appeared on public TV! Swoon!) Anyway, without further ado, I am proud to present "Balderdash and Piffle." (Discussion to follow.)

Why do I love "Balderdash and Piffle?" Let me count the ways:
1. Excellent tie in of relics! I adore relics, and I rub my hands together with delight to think that a relic sold to the pope was a piece o' fake pubbic hair.

2. Very nice explanation of word history. Love that "malkin" means "slatternly woman," as Michelle Malkin is an evil bitch female Rush Limbaugh. If only her first name were Mary, it would be a double clue as to her character or lack thereof. (In my mind, it is far more whorish to work against equality than to sleep with people for money. Malkin is a prostitute of tthe worst sort.)

3. Mockery of Bush and his name.

These videos nicely cheered me up from my post-holiday blues. (Is there nothing more depressing than the 4th of July on a Wednesday? How about the fact that 2008 is a leap year, so it won't be on Thursday next year?) Very excellent.