>Picture it: Wisconsin, 1998. A young girl, her sister (who just graduated from high school), and three friends (Alex,Dr. P, and Dr. H, who just gradduated from college) are on a celebratory road trip. The girl and her sister shared a duffle bag to reduce the amount of luggage they needed to put in the trunk of their Bubbe's white Cutlass Supreme, which they borrowed for the occasion after their parents' Cutlass Supreme went to the shop for emergency repairs. They have seen the (cheesy) splendors of Wisconsin Dells, although for the life of her the young girl can't currently remember what the hell they did there except stay in a Holiday Inn with an indoor waterslide and pool. Next they traversed the wonders of Minneapolis and the suburban Mall of America, which were delightful. Now, on the drive back to the Chicago area, the ladies stop for lunch.

The restaurant is a scene to behold. A train track is built around the length of the wall, with a model train tooted around the perimeter of eating customers. A string, much like a laundry line, hangs high above the patrons' heads across the center of the room. A mechanical bear on a unicycle "pedals" back and forth. Oh the fun!

Not long into the meal, the young girl's sister pushes her chair back.

"I am going to the bathroom," she announces dramatically and scampers off. The other travelers nod and keep eating whatever greasy diner food is on their plates, most likely with side orders of fries. A few minutes later, the sister returns to the table and sits down.

"You know, while I was going to the bathroom, I looked down and noticed how pretty much underwear was," the sister announced. "Then I realized that I don't own underwear that color."

The young girl stopped eating and looked at her sister. "What color were they?"

"Blue," the sister responded.*

"Hmmmm..." the young girl reflected for a minute. "I think those are mine."

"Oh," the sister said.

The young girl thought even longer. "Also, I think those are dirty."

"Ewwwwwwwww..." everyone gasped. Then they all laughed and laughed and drove home another five hours and lived happily ever after.
*Or maybe green. The young girl isn't so young any more and forgets details these days.