>Chicago, here I come! I got CUSS stickers to hand out and t-shirts to sell at the BlogHer conference. My toothbrush, asthma meds, and clean underwear are tucked away in my carry on bag. Gym shoes, sports bra, and running pants? Yep, got that too. (And if you are coming to BlogHer, bring your shit too and we'll go work out together. This especially is directed at you, ladies listed below.)

I'm all set for the next 10.5 days. It's going to be crazy times, what with my family, Steph, Count Mockula, Alex, Super Des all in town, too. And the conference!

Now I just gotta get through today, which will involve the discussion of thorny policy issues and bureaucrats telling me why anything I propose to resolve them is not possible because "we've never done that before." (And you wonder why I go away so often? I flee for new scenes to preserve the tiny reserves of sanity that remain at this point.) Yeesh.